Monday, January 8, 2007

Gentoo Linux on PS3

It looks like you build Gentoo linux on the PS3 according to this link:

This link talks about offering pre-compiled binaries, compiled on PS3 (since compilation can be slow with limited memory).

According to PenguinPPC where I found the above link, they plan on hosting pre-compiled binaries for PS3 due to the limit memory of a PS3 (only 256 meg available to Linux). So might be a good link for the Gentoo lovers out there!

Here is a Slashdot article pointing to full install instructions as well.


Christopher said...

Here is an other link to Gentoo on PS3 stuff, but I think it links to allot of the same stuff.

Mind said...

The PS3 has only 256 MiB XDR-DRAM for Linux, because the 256 MiB GDDR3-VRAM from the GPU are not accessable from Linux

PS3Penguin said...

Thanks for the point .. I had read conflicting comments on memory .. and didn't think about the shared Video ram issue.