Friday, March 23, 2007

Folding@Home on the PS3

Check out the stats for the PS3 doing the Folding@Home project. Wow ..

This is what I saw at 2:30pm on March 23, 2007
OS Type Current TFLOPS* Active CPUs Total CPUs
Windows 1511591981624934
Mac OS X/PowerPC 7871695341
Mac OS X/Intel 827167216
Linux 4224971215703
GPU 417002188
PLAYSTATION®3 3671497115914
Total 616211272 1961296

Riding The Multi-core Revolution Demo

Here is a long .. but very interesting presentation called "Riding the Multi-core Revolution Demo"
It discusses the trends of Parallel processing .. and multi core computing and the effects on software development.

Covered in the demo is a discussion of GPU use for specialized software computation (other than graphics)
It also mentions IBM's Cell processor use of specialized multi-cores .. talking about how to write scalable programs to make use of it.

about 32 mins into the Demo .. is the "16,000" chicken demo referenced earlier in the blog.