Thursday, May 24, 2007

A bunch of links about Compiling code for the PS3 / Cell

Haven't had much time to go through these yet .. but I wanted to make sure they got captured.
Here are some pages that have links to either compilers, compiler extensions or SDKs for the PS3 or Cell processor.

Linux devices -
Sony Computer -
Game Tomorrow -

StreamIt - Not to be out done .. MIT has a new language focused on Multicore computing

As MIT puts it StreamIt
"is a programming language and a compilation infrastructure, specifically engineered for modern streaming systems. It is designed to facilitate the programming of large streaming applications ..."

Technology Review has a good summary at

IBM Octopiler -- A new compiler aid to port to Cell processing?

It appears IBM has a new aid to help develop more applications that make use of the Cell processor.

From the following link:
"Our aim is to automatically generate high quality code taking advantage of the wide range of heterogeneous parallelism for Scale-Up and Scale-Out architectures. We propose "single source" compiler solutions for heterogeneous memory and computational subsystems using automatically-partitioned code and data, as well as software-managed cache for irregular data accesses. We exploit parallelism at all levels, including data and task level parallelism as well as SIMD parallelism."