Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hot PS3 Links

Official Sony Sites

Official Playstation Site - Sony's official US website.
Open Platform Site - Sony's site for detailing how to boot other OSes on the PS3.

PS3 as a game machine sites:

Playstation Univeristy- Looks to be a pretty fancy site focusing on gaming use of the PSE (I should call it the "expected" use of the hardware).
PS3Land - Playstation 3 focused news site.
PS3Focus - Another "news" site that focuses (sorry for the pun) on the Playstation 3.

PS3 For Linux:


MythTV+PS3 ... or should I call it
Penguin Vision?

The more I think about it .. the more I like the idea of a PVR .. (That's Penguin Video Recorder to me)!

The PS3 just seems the ultimate MythTV frontend! .. DVI & HDMI with Digital Audio out (optical even)!!!

Plus Blue-Ray DVD, Bluetooth, Gigabit ethernet, USB 2.0 (great for external hard drives!!)

.. And on the 60GB model, add Wifi multiple memory cards (SD,Compact flash, and Sony stick of course)!

AND ... A reasonably big HD (20GB is plenty of space for a base MythTV install .. with room to cache a movie or two .. obviously you would need a back end server or file server).

Please post comments to any sites doing anything with MythTV on the PS3!

New Topics

Beyond installation tutorials and MythTV on PS3...
What would you like to see?
What creative uses for a PS3+Linux should we all develop?

Lets take the OSS movement to the next level!

Wanted: Penguin life guards!

I am looking for several good moderators / authors to help make this site a hot-spot for Play Station 3 Linux Mods!

Primary topics will be:
  • MythTV - Using your Play Station 3 as a high-powered HDTV Multimedia center.
  • OSS Installation - Installing various OSSes on your Play Station 3. (Tutorials and discussion).
  • New Penguin Mods - What great mod would you like to see? Open discussion to see where we can take the PS3 Penguin movement!
What else? I want this blog to be a central hub to all things PS3+Linux!
Post a comment to my new ideas entry and lets discuss.

Play Station 3 is here! ... er.. sorta

After a very long wait .. the Play Station 3 has finally arrived!

I must say ... the specs look AWESOME!

Being a Linux geek I have long awaited a real gaming console that truly supports Linux! (X-Box hacks are just that .. hacks). I'm as anti-DMCA as the next guy .. but I prefer voting with my wallet over social activism (I.E. breaking Micro $oft$ copy protection to get Linux on board, although a p0ssibly fun and tempting pastime still gives $$$ into the hands of a manufacture that doesn't want to play with penguins!).

I say swim in the pools that don't have sharks!

Now .. cost is the only issue holding me back ... having a family keeps me from paying vultures for the "Very fist on your block" ... so instead of fighting the long lines and paying 3X its retail price on E-Bay (or the likes) .. I plan on waiting for Sony's retail stock supply to come back up to a completive pricing level. One "big red" store in my area is advertising the 20G PS3 (pre-order no less) for $1200! ... I believe the target retail price (after the Christmas mad-dash-rush) is closer to $500.

So for now I will have to live with reports from you on what these bad-boys can and can't don't!