Saturday, December 16, 2006

Play Station 3 is here! ... er.. sorta

After a very long wait .. the Play Station 3 has finally arrived!

I must say ... the specs look AWESOME!

Being a Linux geek I have long awaited a real gaming console that truly supports Linux! (X-Box hacks are just that .. hacks). I'm as anti-DMCA as the next guy .. but I prefer voting with my wallet over social activism (I.E. breaking Micro $oft$ copy protection to get Linux on board, although a p0ssibly fun and tempting pastime still gives $$$ into the hands of a manufacture that doesn't want to play with penguins!).

I say swim in the pools that don't have sharks!

Now .. cost is the only issue holding me back ... having a family keeps me from paying vultures for the "Very fist on your block" ... so instead of fighting the long lines and paying 3X its retail price on E-Bay (or the likes) .. I plan on waiting for Sony's retail stock supply to come back up to a completive pricing level. One "big red" store in my area is advertising the 20G PS3 (pre-order no less) for $1200! ... I believe the target retail price (after the Christmas mad-dash-rush) is closer to $500.

So for now I will have to live with reports from you on what these bad-boys can and can't don't!

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