Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yellow Dog Linux? .. What's wrong with Red Hat?

Not sure why .. but Sony decided to go with Yellow Dog Linux as the default Linux install / port for the Playstation 3. From all I have read so far .. everything critical is being added to the standard Linux kernal ... It looks like "Terra Soft" (makers of Yellow Dog distribution?) are in the business of porting applications to the IBM Cell platform (Cell processor is what gives Sony PS3 its God like powers).


Диакон Николай said...

Red Hat is a commercial distro for the workplace, just like Debian is for the Server. Yellow Dog Linux is the first major PPC Linux developer and the Cell processor is based on the PPC processor. Sadly, even the Fedora and Ubuntu builds for PPC computers like Apple PPC Macs were inferior to what Yellow Dog Linux would create for their distro. Since YDL are the PPC Linux experts, why not use them?

PS3Penguin said...

Cool .. thanks for the info. The PS3 will be my first experiment in non-x86 hardware . Always liked the PPC architecture (studied early forms in school) .. but couldn't bring my self to buy a Mac-Osx